Problems with the plumbing system can arise anytime. These problems can be as small as occasional leaks or as serious as a running toilet. Even a perfectly performed plumbing maintenance inspection cannot predict when there will be an issue. Therefore, you should know when to try DIY works as well as when to contact handyman plumbing services.

Issues that look minor in the beginning can be an indication that a big damage is about to take place. You may ignore it for a while but when the damage is done, calling a professional handyman plumber would be the only option. You should check those common plumbing problems and learn when to call an expert to fix these problems.

Dripping faucets:

It can be quite tough to sleep with a dripping faucet in the next room. Even working near a dripping faucet can be daunting when you are trying to focus on something and are often bothered by the annoying sound of dripping water. You can try to close the faucet but if it the water does not stop dripping, your water bills are going to increase and you will not be able to work or sleep calmly. You should call a handyman plumber in such condition to fix that leaking tap or replace it with a new one.

Running toilet:

This issue is usually related to the flapper valve that is installed in the water tank. Many homes have old toilets in which a running toilet is a common issue. It prevents the proper flow of water, which in turn, adversely affects the flushing system. Although you can try that toilet repair kit to fix this issue, it may require a good understanding of how the flush works. If you cannot fix it by yourself, you should find a reliable plumber in Islamabad that has done numerous past handyman projects to fix this problem.

Low water pressure:

We expect a smooth flow of water from the faucets when taking a shower or using the water tap in the kitchen. If it trickles instead of gushing, there is low water pressure problem in your home’s plumbing system. The build-up of sediment within the water pipes or faucet can cause this trouble. It can be dissolved by putting acid in the pipes, but everyone may not try this solution. So, you may need to hire a professional plumber to clean the sediment deposits from your home’s water pipes.

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