Five Star Customer Service

We have three principles in our local handyman service. Honesty, Integrity, and the value of a good day’s work. Honesty is how we handle every interaction, it’s our guide to how we live. Integrity tells us how to act when we have the opportunity to do wrong, it’s what compels us to live right and do right by everyone.  If you don’t have integrity, you can’t get far in a business like this. And lastly, our work ethic is built into our last principle: The value of a good day’s work. You can count on us for quality work each and every time.

We get that everyone has different budgets for different things. That’s why our services are so flexible. Your needs will vary from another person’s, so why should you pay what they pay? Needs vary widely from handyman roofing to plumbing, electrical handyman service, home repair, a home remodel, bathroom renovations or kitchen renovation, to fence repair, deck or porch building, painting, and more. No matter your specific project, we are capable of making it happen for you.


Mr. Handyman
Civil,Plumbing,Firefighting,Air Conditioning & Electrical Installation services
0302 6977772
Ground Floor, VIP Plaza, Ghouri Town VIP, East Road, Khannapull Islamabad


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